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We are writing a cookbook called THE CHILEAN FAMILY TABLE.  At its core, Chilean food is about whole foods and family. Meals are made from scratch and everyone lends a hand. Gathering around the table is an important time to reconnect and share. Doing so over great food makes the experience even richer! Our cookbook (and this blog) will demonstrate recipes and activities that are sure to add value to your everyday meals.

As we travel around Chile to research our book, this blog will serve as your personal portal to our journey. We’ll write about the places we go, the people we meet, the foods, drinks, and restaurants we try. We’ll review the products we rely on as well as the new ones we discover. We want to help grow the market for Chilean (and South American) travel by showcasing all this beautiful and colorful country has to offer.


Chile is virtually an untapped market for the American tourist. The average American doesn’t know all that much about Chile and when food comes into the conversation, many struggle to think south of the Mexican burrito. The purpose of this blog is to surprise and delight and encourage more exploration of Chile and Chilean food while building an audience for our book, THE CHILEAN FAMILY TABLE.

U.S. Travelers:

  • 32.8 million Americans traveled to international destinations in 2015. Of that number, 1.9 million visited South America for leisure purposes.
  • Roughly 14% of these travelers reported that they were traveling with family, 28% with a spouse of partner, and 58% alone. 8% of international leisure travelers were traveling with children.
  • $650.8 billion USD was spent by U.S. travelers on leisure travel in 2015. The average household income of these travelers was $125,000.
  • American travelers spent a median of 10 nights at their destination and spent an average of $4,067 per trip.
  •  Top leisure activities for U.S. international travelers in 2015 included sightseeing (82%), shopping (77%), and fine dining (42%).


  • 65% of all cookbook buyers are women.
  • Most cookbook buyers are college-educated with disposable income, or income regularly spent on books, fine-dining, and entertainment.
  • 24% of cookbook buyers indicated that they liked the “look” of a cookbook when choosing to buy it. Color photos were a great indicator of success.
  • Half of cookbook buyers admit to cooking a family meal at least once a week – that’s at least 52 opportunities a year to gather around food.
  • When home chefs were asked where they got ideas for meals, 69% said they found recipes online and 65% said they used cookbooks.

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We love travel and we love food. So when we decided to take a break from the daily grind, we chose to spend that time writing a cookbook. In South America. To make this happen, we threw caution to the wind, quit our jobs, sold our house and most of our earthly possessions, packed up what was left and shipped everything and ourselves to the other side of the globe.

No, we are NOT nut jobs. Well, at least not entirely. What we are is a family that craves more time together. More learning experiences. More growth. More life. We aren’t rich and we aren’t famous. We’re just ordinary people that decided to take a break from ordinary life. We know that after our year of travel, we’ll have to start from scratch again and we’re okay with that. After all, life isn’t about STUFF, it’s about EXPERIENCES and FAMILY.

Join us in our journey! Help us create something special to share with the world.


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