Mark Dodge, Hillary Dodge, Oli

We are a family that loves to eat. And eat well. This is somewhat due to the fact that we are bored easily and therefore, need to constantly explore the culinary world. You can also blame our wanderlust, which burns brightly to our cores, causing us to seek out and explore everything we possibly can in this world while we are in it.

The Chef: Mark
Practically born with a spatula in his hand, Mark has had an interest in cooking since as long as he could remember. A fortuitous lay-off resulted in a new career path – you know, that one where you always say “if I could do it over again, I’d become a…” Well, he did it over again and pursued a degree in Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales in Denver. Mark grew up in Santiago, Chile and studied french cuisine. He also holds an art degree.

The Writer: Hillary
On our first date, while Mark prepared an AMAZING shrimp something-or-other, he also ended up instructing me on how to prep a basic salad. Yes, that’s brutal honesty for you, I didn’t know a thing about food and cooking. Of course, that has all changed. With the birth of our wee child, I devoted myself to creating gourmet organic baby food that made all the other kids and parents jealous. I grew up in the restaurant that “invented” the cheeseburger (Kaelins Restaurant in Louisville, Ky – Look it up). I have a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Library and Information Science.

The Wee Child: Oli
Oli is the precocious little elf who lives with us. At present, she is five years old. Oli enjoys making what she calls “appetites” but which are almost always watery concoctions of mashed fruit, random spices, broths and syrups.