Foodie Round-up 4

Because I consume so much literature and so many photos and videos and podcasts about food, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites this week. Happy exploring! Be sure to let me know if I share something you end up loving.

Here’s the best of my food-related discoveries this week:

Food Writing

Penny Licks


This concept horrifies me now but I imagine they were quite popular back in the day. Food history tidbits like this always fascinate me.

Feast Your Eyes on this Glorious Crocheted Food


I have always been drawn to play food – as a kid and even now as a parent. This crochet set makes me nostalgic and hungry at the same time. Plus I’m a big proponent of “food-as-art” as you can see from the collections in my Pinterest list.


Recipes to Try

Wild Mushroom Sourdough


While in Chile, I’ve really developed a taste for foraged and local ingredients. This chef’s blog, while mainly focusing on mushrooms and other delicious fungi, also includes some great game recipes. Here’s a mouth-watering mushroom-inspired bread that’s totally worth a try. Also, be sure to check out some of his other posts – this site is highly recommended by the Gourmet Family!

Delicious Green Soup


There is something so nostalgic and romantic about this recipe and this website, in particular. I love the vibe this chef has created with her site identity and food styling. So pretty! The green is so lush and the chips tempt me from the screen! You can bet I’m going to whip this one up as soon as I get resettled back in the US. (Right now all my pots and pans are packed for our imminent return to the US – sigh.)



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