Foodie Round-up 3

Because I consume so much literature and so many photos and videos and podcasts about food, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites this week. Happy exploring! Be sure to let me know if I share something you end up loving.

Here’s the best of my food-related discoveries this week:

Food Writing

Putting Ancient Recipes on the Plate


I’ve been to Pompeii and I’ve seen the black lump that was baked 2,000 years ago just before the volcanic disaster ended Pompeii. I’ve even mock-sat on a food counter in an Pompeiian restaurant, mistakenly thinking it was an ancient latrine. There is a photo that catches me in this silly and confused act. Only after snapping the photo did we read the sign. Pompeii can be an overwhelming place to explore and it’s made even more overwhelming by its likeness to a modern city. I remember being truly amazed at the “Thermopolium,” or the buffet-style foot counter I had mistaken for a public bathroom. “They had these back then?” I remember wondering out loud. Yes, they did. And what’s more, just like any modern city, Pompeii had a thriving food culture. This article offers just a tidbit sneak peak into the fascinating Pompeii Food & Drink Project.

When Ancient Writing is an Art, Science, and Snack


I’ve always been fascinated by cuneiform, the ancient writing utilizing a triangular stylus and a sheet of wet clay. This article and video demonstration explores the craft of writing on cookies and crackers, a linguistic activity that allows modern students to study the process. I think I might just give this a try.

Why Menu Translations Go Terribly Wrong

image is one of my absolutely favorite websites for a quick laugh. The site is devoted to photos from all around the world where English use and translations into English have gone hilariously wrong. This article, from Atlas Obscura, explains how this happens and it’s fascinating.

Interactive Food

Chef Wars


Anyone who knows we knows that I’m a big gaming fan. I love video games just as much as I adore board games. And this silly little phone app game kept me occupied far longer than I wish to admit publicly. What I like about this game is the international flavor of the recipe gathering and food battles. The point is to travel around Europe seeking ingredients among hundreds of towns and cities to improve your culinary skills and compete in cooking competitions. There’s also a storytime somewhere in there involving a deathbed secret, but really that’s not the main pull. This fun little game is free, so why not give it a try, learn some geography and food culture at the same time?

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