Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

This week’s year-end challenge is all about looking back at my favorite photos of 2017. In a year of incredible adventures, I have thousands of photos. So, I’ve chosen a theme to help me narrow down my selections. Here is just a handful of my favorite photos that are resplendent with interesting angles of light, thick with mood.

An angel topping a mausoleum at the cemetery in Punta Arenas, Chile


An early morning misty photo taken at a farmsted near Rancagua, Chile
A shaft of light entering an dwelling in the abandoned nitrate town of Humberstone, Chile
DSC_0022 (2)
Light beckoning at the end of the hall at a school in Humberstone, Chile
Looking up a stairway to a long gone second story in an abandoned nitrate admin house somewhere along the northern coast of Chile
DSC_0068 (2)
Mine town cemetery along the coast in Northern Chile
The Hand of the Desert in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Fiery spikes of grass in the altiplanos of Chile bordering Bolivia
The carretera austral, Ruta 7 in Patagonia, Chile
Caleta Tortel in Patagonia, Chile
A cattle field not far from where we were stranded when our trailer axle shifted. Mark fixed it after two days and we continued on our journey.
Patagonia, Argentina
The iconic Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile
Truly one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been
An abandoned estancia along the southern-most shore of continental Chile
Shipwrecks along the Straits of Magellan
Sunset at the end of the world in Tierra del Fuego, Chile

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