Southern Chile through a Green Lens

In all its shades, green speaks to me. And in the South of Chile, there is a surplus of this wondrous color. From the vibrant temperate rain-forest ferns of the Lakes region to the dull grayish fuzz of the sub-Antarctic tree-mosses, the shades of green flow throughout this land, blending, fading, and springing forth from the scenery.

Green Trees
Lakes Region: trees artfully colored and covered with a variety of mosses and lichens. After all, the region is known for its regular rainy weather.
Just south of Puerto Cisnes, Chile
Flowering fruits
Fruiting, flowering trees and bushes in abundance. Top left – the ulmo tree, used to cultivate ulmo honey; Bottom left – Chilean hazelnuts; Right – wild fuschia whose buds are oblong and edible, the texture and taste of which are quite like grapes
Just south of Bahia Murta, Chile
These strange and prehistoric leaves, nalcas, are found everywhere in the South of Chile, growing in great patches along the sides of the highway and in dense forests. The leaves grow to an astonishing size and are used in Curanto en Hoyo (literally meaning a strew baked in a hole in the ground). The stems are used to make marmalade.
Caleta Tortel, Chile
Ferns of every imaginable leaf-shape and size also fill the hillsides in Southern Chile.
Hiking the look-out in Puerto Cisnes
Lichens and Moss
Abundant mosses and lichens decorating stones and trees
En route to Caleta Tortel
Tree Moss
The south was plenteous with fine fibrous mosses.
Torres del Paine, Chile
Cementario Punta Arenas
Tall hedges in the Cementario Municipal in Punta Arenas.
Ruined Estancia outside of Punta Arenas
Pali AIke
Parque Nacional Pali Aike is an ancient lava field now thriving with various ground-covering plants, mosses, and lichens
It is easy to see why Tierra del Fuego was called the “land of sky and fire.”
Tierra del Fuego
Beautifully bleak scenes from Tierra del Fuego
At world’s end in Tierra del Fuego

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