Big in Chile: 5 Things That are Popular Right Now

So, I thought I would make a quick and amusing list detailing some of the things that Chileans are currently obsessed with for your reading pleasure. If you have something to add (or dispute) on the list, please share your comments below!

Music from the 80’s


This is, by far, my favorite Chilean obsession. Not only do I get to hear 80’s era music that I haven’t heard in ages, but Chile is also keeping these artists alive and well-compensated. 80’s era musicians are always having concerts in Chile. It is a running joke between Mark and myself that we’ll see advertisements for WHAM! and Michael Jackson next.

Adam Sandler

Image result for adam sandler

I can’t really explain this one, except that his movies are always being played on TV where-ever we are. This isn’t a bad thing, because we happen to enjoy him as well. Also, his family-friendly movies have been fun to watch during our regular Friday night Pizza Movie Nights.


Image result for spinners

These silly little trinkets have taken Chile by storm. Not only do we see about a million commercials for them daily, but they are sold on nearly every street corner and in every stall of every market we’ve visited. When asked what they’re for, most people just shrug. No one seems to know that they were originally developed as special education tools to help children with concentration and focus.


Sushi is one of those things that just came to Chile about five years ago. During that time, it has managed to develop a national identity of its own. Chilean sushi options consist of 95% rolls and 5% other stuff (like nigiri). Sashimi is pretty much unheard of. And nearly 99% of Chilean sushi rolls contain cream cheese. Fillings are usually a mix of chicken, shrimp, salmon, tuna, green onion, avocado, cucumber, and little else. Also, Sushi is sold everywhere, sometimes in strange combinations with other types of food.

Frankenstein Shoes

This is one of those trends that I have no words to explain. I can’t, for the life of me, understand the popularity of these giant, clod-hopper shoes. But, we see them everywhere, on every type of woman – old and young, school girl and grandmas. It appears that the chunkier, the taller, the more hideous, the better. Hmmmm…


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