Santiago Fish Market: Terminal Pesquera Metropolitano

The Terminal is located just outside of the city, where Ruta 5 and Avenida Américo Vespucio intersect south of Santiago. It is an ideal location for getting into or out of the city.  Right off the highway, cars pay a 1,800 fee for ample parking.

Outside you’ll find a snack stand, a few produce and spices stalls, and across the street is Restaurante Neptuno, where a variety of fresh seafood dishes could lure you into the massive warehouse like building.

Once you pass through the open doors and into the Terminal proper, you are instantly the center of attention.. Fishmongers tap your shoulder, step in front of you, wave dripping filets in front of your face. They gesture to their stalls and the mounds of piled fish and molluscs and claim their products are the best, the freshest, the most flavorful. It is impossible to walk a straight line.

As we enter, the mongers lock eyes on their targets. Someone hears us speaking English to each other and like a wave rolling down the beach, I hear whispers and calls and shouts announcing “Habla inglés!”

We are greeted with catcalls of “Hellow!” “Speeek Eeengleesh?” “Feesh heeyer!”

We try our best to look busy and occupied but even so we are roped into several demonstrations of various vendors’ fish.


Somehow, we still manage to find what we need and quickly escape the onslaught of slighted frowns.

“Luv yooo Babi!” Calls a vendor as we slip out the doors.

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