Shivy’s: Homestyle in Puerto Cisnes

April 2017

We first met Sylvia Labra Muñoz in the Litoral Patagonia classes at the Lafquen-Antu Hostal-Restaurant in Puerto Cisnes. Although quiet at first, we quickly learned of her warm and generous nature. She was thoughtful in discussions and full of insight. Before the class was finished, she had invited us over to her place for lunch the following day.


Shivy signs

After visiting our friends at the hardware store (and stocking up on woolen socks), we met up with Chef Alonso at Shivy’s Comidas Artesania.

Shivy welcomed us into her quaint kitchen. Her shop, humble from the outside, was warm and cozy on the inside. Opening off the kitchen on both sides were small dining rooms, seating maybe six at most, and preserving the feel of home. Every surface in these rooms was alight with brightly woven handmade trinkets – dolls, keychains, sweaters, magnets – all made by local craftsmen and women. Set into a corner of each dining room was a gently crackling stove.


Shivy was happy to show us around. She chatted with us in her kitchen over freshly made bread and a variety of delicious foods she was preparing for the day.

Not long after arriving, Paul Gomez-Canchang, the Litoral Patagonia director, and Paula Levican, a chef from Santiago helping with the project. Then, Shivy treated us all to lunch. And oh, what a lunch it was!

Silvia prepares the ceviche de cochayuyo, a thick rope-like algae found in the southern seas.
Shivy’s recipe for this will be featured in our book.
Oli tries cochayuyo for the first time.
Two chefs talking food.
Another delicious Shivy treat: cazuela de cholga seca, or dried mussel soup (sounds so much better in Spanish).
Charquican de Cochayuyo, a mashed potato dish with veggies and cochayuyo, topped with fried egg. This dish was extremely delicious and comforting.
Homemade Aji pebre – cacho y cabra pepper

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