Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

This week’s theme is: Satisfaction. And how can I NOT make this about FOOD?


Ok, this one is a sneak peak from one of our Northern Chile photo shoots. This is Kalapurka, a traditional Aymaran meal from the altiplano (high plains) region of Chile. Our friend, Freddy Charcas Nuñez made this us for while we were visiting the lovely pueblo of Pica, a true desert oasis.

Kalapurka is a rich and filling soup consisting of shredded pork, chicken, beef, and sometimes llama. It also has maiz (large kernal corn) and chuño, a sort of freeze-dried potato. Check out this clip from Andrew Zimmerman’s bizarre foods Bolivia to see how Chuños are made. Although this shows Bolivian Chuno, these tasty potatoes are also made and consumed in Peru, and parts of Chile and Argentina.

Freddy told us that it was customary for a festival organizer to feed all his helpers the day after a big festivity with this filling soup. The soup reminded us a lot of Mexican pozole, with one huge and noteworthy difference: the spices! Freddy made several scrumptious meals for us while we visited and each one featured a bountiful mix of Northern Chilean spices. To be honest, we haven’t tasted anything with quite the same flavor profile, which made Freddy’s cooking (and that of the Chilean altiplanos) very exciting for us.

As such, you can bet we are featuring a few of Freddy’s masterpieces. Thanks, Freddy and family!

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