Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This week’s theme is Unusual. And I absolutely love it! Unusual is what I look for in every day life – not just when we’re on the road. But, because we’ve been driving around the Atacama desert (and the rest of Northern Chile), here’s a photo from our travels.


This massive sculpture is called El Mano del Desierto, or “the hand of the desert”. You can find it about 66km to the southeast of the Chilean city of Antofagasta, or between mile markers 1309 and 1310. It stands 11 meters tall and was crafted by Chilean sculptor, Mario Irarrázabal, in 1992. It has since become an iconic roadside stop and symbol of the Atacama desert.

According to online research, the hand is supposed to represent the frailty of man. Very spot-on, if you ask me. Such a colossal sculpture ends up being overshadowed by the nearby sand hills and engulfed by the endless desert for hundreds of kilometers in every direction.

Here are some other photos to give you a better idea of its scale:

Mano del desierto

The best part about our visit was when Olivia jumped out of the car, exclaiming, “I want to give it a high five!”

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