Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

This week’s theme is: Collage.


This photo was taken after a harrowing border crossing from Chile to Argentina. We had some massive problems en route, in the middle of nowhere, when we discovered to our horror that the trailer axle had shifted to an obtuse angle. If we had attempted to drive in that manner, we easily could have flipped the trailer and maybe the car.

To solve the problem, Mark pulled a MacGyver, lifting the trailer and manhandling the axle back into place. He then secured the axle with a long bolt taken from elsewhere so it wouldn’t happen again. When we finally reached civilization again – really just a lonely gas station that only took cash – we were astonished to see the evidence of so many others who had passed the same way before us. Oddly, this gave us courage to continue on, after loosing trust in our trailer.

I can’t help but quote my favorite quote here: “Keep on keepin’ on.” (Joe Dirt)

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