Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

This week’s theme is: bridge. So, here’s a bridge!


This photo was taken on the famous Southern hemisphere road, the Carretera Austral, or Ruta 7 Chile. This road runs south from Puerto Montt, Chile, in and out of fjords and across ferries, all the way down to Villa O’Higgins. It is pretty much the only road to speak of that runs north-south in this part of Chile. 90% of it is ripio, or gravel. Luckily, we were overlanding in our trusty Subaru Tribeca, so the rough road wasn’t a problem.

This was a bridge somewhere between Chaiten and Puyuhaupi, a place so beautiful that we had to pull over and go for a little walk. It would have made the ideal campsite along the lake but we had only been in the car for a couple of hours and still had a few more to go before we could stop.

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