Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

This week’s theme is: Focus, a deceivingly simple topic for a photography challenge.


This photo was taken at Monumento Nacional Mylodon outside of Puerto Natales in Chile. What I like most about this photo is the fact that much of what’s in frame is unseeable to the eye – it is blackness framing a wedge of the world that we can see. I am inside the massive cave looking out, obviously. The day was misty and gray and the air was damp and cloying. Sheets of misty rain would come and go, and from the ceiling cracks, a perpetual rain trickled down into the cave, only a matter of time before another shelf of rock would collapse and the cave made wider, if less tall.

I like this photo as a metaphor about how we understand natural history and the easeless alteration of our planet – both naturally and unnaturally.


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