Funky Finds 4

This week, I wanted to focus on stuff for our littlest eaters. Enter the baby and toddler kitchen kinds…

I absolutely love this beginning eater tableware. the plates and bowls feature suction bottoms for affixing your little one’s food to the table. This is especially helpful when they are first learning to use utensils. But…BEWARE…some little eaters prefer the challenge of pulling up the bowl over trying to eat what’s inside (as did my little girl). In the end, I didn’t bother with affixing the suction cup because it was too distracting, but I will say that the wide base did help stabilize her dish while she learned to eat. This smooth bamboo set is from Avanchy; the divided plate and spoon set will cost you around $25.

Here’s another adorable and fun option for beginning eaters. This Ellie mat is the perfect way to get your little one trying new foods. One of the biggest lessons I learned about introducing foods to my daughter was to make it fun and make it finger-perfect. The three trays set into this Ellie mat make this a piece of cake. Other patterns are also available, but these SILIVO mats are a bit pricey if you don’t catch them on sale. On amazon, I found them at around $16; other sites listed them for $40!

Sugarbooger Classic Lunch Sack, Ocean

Sugerbooger is one of my favorite whimsical kitchen brands for little guys. Even their name is delightful. They make all sorts of kitchen products for babies and toddlers, from sippy cups to dish sets. This laminated lunch sack is just one of many fancy and fun patterns. You can easily find this product on amazon for around $22.

This next product just so happens to be from The Slumbering Forest etsy store. The owner makes fabulous baby products and the fabric she uses for her bibs are stylishly adorbs! This two-piece combo, bib and taggy, are a steal at $11.

Image result for silicone baby food trays for freezing

Green Sprouts makes a variety of feeding products that are great. In particular, I’m a fan of silicone trays for freezing homemade baby food. I used a similar product with my little one when I was making purees. We still use it today for Popsicles and frozen yogurt treats. This 15-cube tray runs around $10 here.

When I was first tackling the world of homemade babyfood, this book was my bible – that and any other book by Annabel Karmel. This book can easily be found at your local library or purchased on amazon for $15.

You can’t get cuter than this in cutlery. These mini utensils are perfect for wittle hands that want so desperately to be independent. This grabease set runs $15 on

Silicone Sippy Cup Lids (5 Pack) - Elephant Silicone Spout Makes Cup into Spill-Proof Sippy Cup for Babies and Toddlers

Another bargain at $15 on amazon, these cute little ellies help you turn any cup into a sippy cup. Just slip the silicone rim over your cup of choice and voila! This cute little sippers are from ashtonbee.

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