Amasa Bakery

If there is any food item that comes to mind first when thinking of Chile, it is bread. Chileans excel at baking and eating bread. In fact, there is no one  I know, except maybe my brother-in-law, who can out-eat my husband when it comes to bread. I’ve always joked that Mark should invest in bakeries and baked goods.

Luckily for us, and every other bread-loving Chilean family, delicious homemade bread can be found on nearly every corner. Most of the time, it is a small mom n’ pop corner store with heaps of rolls, and some of the time, you are fortunate enough to have a local bakery with carefully staked mountains and baskets overflowing with freshly baked loaves.

Amasa bakery is one such place. It’s located just down the street from my sister-in-law’s house, barely a five-minute walk along tree-shaded sidewalks. It has undoubtedly become our go-to place for not only bread, but a handful of other local and artisan food goods. It’s not uncommon for us to visit three times a week to buy bread, eggs, butter, pate, cheese, juice, empanadas, icecream, and pastries.

Bread is stacked into paper bags and empanadas are layered on trays and wrapped in paper.
Front to back: empanadas napolitana (ham, cheese, olives, tomato, oregano), empanadas de pino (beef, olives, onions, egg), and homemade bread rolls.

The quality of Amasa’s products is very high. Their homemade bread never fails to satisfy and they typically have around 5-8 different types to choose from. In addition, they always have a multitude of torts and other pasties. Although there is not much space inside – only full counters, fridges and freezers, there are several shaded tables outside for enjoying a treat. Here’s a look inside their lovely little bakery:




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