El 18 de Septiembre – Day 3

And so we celebrate on…

Day Three

To me, these continual parties feel like every time we come in town – Mark’s family and friends throwing cookouts left and right. So thankfully, a cookout at home on day three.

Today we enjoyed…drumroll…more meat! Lots of cuts of meat and yummy salads. Oh and did I mention the drinks? This no longer surprises me, but there was a point in time – probably when Mark and I were first dating – when I could never imagine the amount of casual drinks a Chilean could put back (and yes, without becoming ass-to-the-ceiling drunk).

Let me give you a theoretical example. An asado begins with a beer or a pisco sour (a deceptively delicious lemony cocktail). While the meat is on the grill, I am typically offered another beer or pisco sour at least three times. At the start of a meal, we may toast with another drink entirely – let’s say champagne. Then with the meal, more beers and now wine as well. Afterwards, I am offered more wine or perhaps I’d like a whiskey? Needless to say, at this point, I’m usually all about the coffee.

 Toasting with Cristian C

 A tasty honey beer


Guess who’s at the grill again today? That’s right…Mark.

We were joined by our neighbors, Rodrigo and Daniela and their three boys. 

FUN FACT: Rodrigo shared with me that September 18th wasn’t actually the day that Chile won its independence from Spain. That happened back on February 12th. So what was so important about the 18th? Well, that was the day (in 1810) that the whole war for Independence thing started and on February 12th (of 1818), the declaration was issued. Those stubborn conquistadors, however, refused to recognize Chile’s independence officially until 1844. The government selected the day of the 18th to celebrate the country’s independence, and the 19th to celebrate the military.

My full plate. Can we say satisfecho!

To see what transpired on the other days of celebrating Independence in Chile, go here:

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